Christina School District Deploys UV-C Disinfection System to Combat COVID-19 Spread

Wilmington, Delaware – April 29th, 2021: The Christina School District (CSD) has officially become the first school district in the country to launch a cutting-edge disinfection system in the fight against COVID-19 spread across district schools. This program was initially tested during a two-week pilot assessment at Bancroft and Bayard schools in January of 2021. Thanks to a generous donation from Friends of Christina School District (FOCSD), made possible through a grant, CSD purchased seven (7) ADIBOT-S Disinfecting Robots to use in additional locations.

“We can now clean and sterilize immediately after a confirmed COVID-19 case using the most advanced technology available, allowing our students and staff to safely return to class without fear or hesitation,” said Dr. Dan Shelton, Superintendent of Schools.  

The highly effective ADIBOT disinfection system from global robotics leader, UBTECH, utilizes UV-C technology that quickly and efficiently disinfects the air and surfaces from harmful pathogens, including COVID-19, MRSA, and influenza.  This is done without the use of harsh chemicals and with minimal staff interaction, therefore decreasing staff exposure to virus hotspots.  “Our goal is to keep our classrooms open for face-to-face learning. This technology adds another layer of protection to keep students and staff safe against COVID-19,” Secretary of Education Susan Bunting said.

The UV-C light technology utilized on the ADIBOT units has been used for decades in healthcare operating rooms and municipal facilities like water filtration plants to disinfect against harmful bacteria and viruses. The UBTECH technology has now been made affordable to schools and organizations across the world to help in the fight against COVID-19. “Schools and Districts around the world are working extremely hard to reopen schools safely. With a need to communicate the levels of safety protocols being implemented to district families, decisions like this raise the comfort level for students to re-engage,” said James Simmons, Office of Equity and Innovation at the Department of Education.

“Friends of Christina School District is committed to supporting the students, teachers, and staff to return to safe schools. The donation of the ADIBOT units is a small step towards supporting the district administration’s goal to ensure its schools are safe for anyone present in its buildings,” said Naveed Baqir, from FOCSD. “We will continue to rally community support to highlight the importance of the essential role of Christina in building safe and healthy communities.”

As a leader in developing resources and policies that enhance and support student success, the Christina School District is proud to lead the nation in the launch of this pioneering technology for our students and staff.


About Christina School District

The Christina School District is a Delaware public school system, serving more than 14,000 students and employing 3,300 people. Our district currently serves the City of Newark and its surrounding suburban areas as well as the City of Wilmington.Christina has 2 early education centers, 14 elementary schools, 2 elementary/middle schools, 3 middle schools, and 3 traditional comprehensive high schools. In addition, the District is home to the Brennen School (Delaware Autism Program), Delaware School for the Deaf, Douglass School, REACH Program, Middle School Honors Academy at Christiana High School, Networks School for Employability Skills, and Sarah Pyle Academy. For more information visit https://www.christinak12.org