UBTECH Robotics Brings on Ricoh as a Premier Partner

RICOH Service Advantage will Provide Nationwide Maintenance for ADIBOT UV-C Disinfection System

UBTECH Robotics, a global leader in intelligent humanoid robotics and AI technologies, and information management and digital services company Ricoh USA, Inc., announced a partnership to combine the deployment and maintenance of its UV-C powered disinfection system, ADIBOT, across the U.S. today.  The ADIBOT disinfection system, unveiled at CES 2021, provides hospital grade UV-C technology to disinfect air and surfaces against COVID-19 as well as other airborne pathogens and surface-dwelling bacteria.

The ADIBOT disinfection system provides a superior, effective solution against COVID-19 and all viruses to help businesses and schools safely reopen amid the pandemic. ADIBOT units combine the robotics and AI expertise from UBTECH with UV-C technology that disinfects targeted surfaces and air by deactivating the DNA and RNA of harmful pathogens. Available in stationary and autonomous models, ADIBOTS feature 360° UV-C light coverage with powerful disinfection capabilities to effectively inactivate harmful viruses and bacteria in 99.9 percent of air and surface areas.

RICOH Service Advantage, a leading service and support offering, provides manufacturers a scalable technology support infrastructure – along with equipment lifecycle support – to meet their customers’ needs.

Partnering with Ricoh adds incredible value to our ADIBOT disinfection system, providing premium maintenance service and peace of mind to our customers. In addition to making tomorrow’s technology accessible for everyone today, UBTECH and Ricoh share a common goal of reducing widespread and toxic disinfection methods that are harmful to people, our ecosystem, and our environment” said John Rhee, senior vice president and general manager, UBTECH North America.

According to Jim Kirby, Vice President for Ricoh Service Advantage, “We’re committed to teaming with companies like UBTECH to address their customers’ needs by providing the highest level of service and technical resources available to keep their automation running smoothly and help workplaces, schools and businesses remain clean and safe. UBTECH’s UV-C disinfection technology is critical for a variety of organizations, and we’re thrilled to be working with them on this offering.”

By partnering with Ricoh UBTECH is able provide its customer base with a trusted source for servicing and maintaining the ADIBOT system. The partnership brings people and technology together, creating a convenient and accessible path for deploying the absolute safest disinfecting system available. The ADIBOT system, backed by Ricoh’s service, is the smart solution to disinfecting schools, office buildings, sports venues, gyms, hotels, convention centers and more, bring people safely together again.

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