UBTECH’s ADIBOT UV-C Sanitizing Robots Now Protecting 130,000 Students and 22,000 Staff in Prince George’s County Public Schools

UBTECH’s Hospital-Grade UV-C Disinfection System is the Safest and Most Effective Way to Protect Against COVID-19 and All Harmful Pathogens

Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) has announced it will deploy dozens of ADIBOT robots by UBTECH, armed with cutting edge UV-C disinfecting technology to protect students, teachers and staff for the current school year and beyond. This will mark the largest deployment of ADIBOT units in a single school district to date. 

Each ADIBOT unit by UBTECH, the global leader in robotics, is armed with hospital-grade UV-C technology which inactivates 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria and harmful pathogens including COVID-19, influenza and MRSA. The technology completely sanitizes a room in minutes, effectively sanitizing the air and every surface the light can reach.

PGCPS recently put the largest deployment of ADIBOT units to work supporting custodial staff and their critical efforts to clean and sanitize 206 buildings in the district. The units are deployed into classrooms and common spaces ahead of the custodial staff to completely sanitize the space for the next day and protect the staff from any harmful pathogens. 

“We have been beyond impressed with UBTECH and their ADIBOT system since we found them. The UBTECH team ensured we completely understood the technology and how it could benefit our staff, students and the entire school system,” said Mark Fossett, Ed.D., Chief Operating Officer for PGCPS. “We were able to experience the robots first-hand before purchasing, to make sure they were effective and easy to use for the staff. We are thrilled to integrate hospital-grade technology into our district and support our efforts to make our schools as safe as possible.”

UBTECH’s ADIBOT units are all serviced and maintained through a partnership with RICOH. Users have peace of mind knowing they have fast and convenient access to maintenance for their units as needed. PGCPS has many buildings more than 40 years old in a climate with high humidity. The district is also utilizing the ADIBOT units in these buildings with high moisture levels, as the UV-C technology has also been shown to reduce or eliminate mold. 

“UBTECH is proud to partner with Prince George’s County Public Schools to protect students, staff and their families,” said John Rhee, Senior Vice President and General Manager, UBTECH North America. “As an established leader in robotics and UV-C technology, UBTECH was able to provide a large deployment of units to the district quickly, with best-in-class safety features and maintenance provided to support the tremendous work staff and leaders are doing to foster a safe environment for learning.”

The UV-C light technology utilized in ADIBOT robots is well proven as it has been used for decades in healthcare operating rooms and municipal facilities like water filtration plants to disinfect against harmful bacteria and viruses. UBTECH is the first global robotics company to make the technology accessible and affordable for schools and organizations across the country.

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